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In most cases, the formula is the same as the one that's printed in your game's instructions.

For example, you might know that to roll an attack roll you need to roll a "D20 plus your attack modifier".

This is for the use of the GM to describe something in a scene.

Descriptions are formatted as center aligned, bold, italicized and set in a black font and light grey highlight. A GM can speak or emote as an NPC that doesn't have a character entry made in the Journal tab.

Each line will be individually interpreted allowing you to send multiple styles of chat together, preventing them from being split in the chat by other player's messages.

command into the text chat box, followed by a formula.

Markdown You can use basic Markdown syntax in your text chat messages.

In Roll20, you would just type where N is the number of dice to roll, X is the number of sides of the dice, and m is the (optional) modifier, which can also be negative.

After the roll is performed, you'll see the results of the roll in the text chat area.

We don't support the entire breadth of everything Markdown can do (like headers), but rather just basic formatting.

Here's a quick rundown: Note: Including an image is just putting in a link to an image.

This will pop up a message where you put your modifier in which then will be subtracted from your base strength 5. To do this, simply double click on the Chat icon at the top of the right of your Virtual Tabletop.