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I have a bachelor's and a juris doctrate and I was forced to move back in with my parents. I should have been a student loan lender...there's virtually ZERO risk in the investment. It oppresses people that want to be educated and positively contribute to society.
The bell rang, signaling the end of another school day.

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I am scared of getting into a relationship as I do not want anybody to know. I am afraid I will scare him away, and I really like this guy. The other clich thing to say is that he will stay with you if it is meant to be.I am so scared of telling my new partner, but am confused on the signs of an attack. I am having lots of anxiety about it and don't want to hurt him. Do not wait until you feel the relationship has turned the corner into being serious.I am constantly thinking I have an outbreak coming. They usually prescribe Valtrex to people living with herpes. Its likely that is what your inclination is to do then perhaps youll be able to keep him because he is bonded to you. I would see this as you not being honest with me (if I was him).The truth is however that you do have Herpes and it would be wrong to not tell him.

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i don't know who to tell or just to keep it inside. If you are not ready to tell your parents perhaps there is a school counselor or other relative you could confide in.

I am told that you can have sex when you have an outbreak but it probably hurt depending on what stage of the outbreak.yogart and diary products are a good for your immune system.

hi, i'm 18, and my doctor says that i probably have herpes. what abou tthose hideous cold sores i keep reading about? I guess, i need someone to talk to to, or tell, because i've been hiding and am so alone. Hi Sadboy, I noticed no one had responded to your posting yet and I'm sorry you have been left waiting. You need support and assuming you have a good relationship with your parents, it would be a good idea to let them know (if you haven't already).

It decreases your outbreaks until you have no more. Can we have sex when we have a outbreak as both of us are infected.

You can order and read more about it on Hi, I have been having herpes from 1 year. THXRajesh Herpes Problem- hsv1 usually the top half wilst hsv II usually does the bottom half but either can infected either II is not common in the oral surface but hsv I is now becoming common on the genital area through oral sex.