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While mother took the pictures, Gin put on a CD of torch songs and Broadway show tunes by Barbara Streisand.They both smiled as mother put me through my paces as if I were a starlet. Miss Virginia answered it and said to Mother Nicole, “ It’s for Miss Rhonda, ma’am. Antonio Molino is calling.” I began to arise from the divan to object but mother put a stop to this by holding her hand up to me.(When we left her, Rhonda had more on her plate then she could handle; Daddy’s return in about a month, and a dashing but probably gay admirer.In addition, she fretted over an impending gynecologist visit coupled with outings to a transvestite clothing store and a makeup boutique. Mother had tried to prepare me early that Saturday morning.

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My hair was swept back and up in a daring heavily jelled spiky style similar to the type of “do” Anna would sport. Though I felt strangely comfortable walking to the car, and also during the drive, I became mysteriously ill at ease as we entered Cassandra’s. As we strolled in, myself following Ginny and mother, a tall well-groomed female approached us.

Posing hand on hip with one hand exquisitely in the air she then covered her mouth in mock surprise before adding, “ Pray tell, and who is this tasteful creature you have brought to our lovely shop?

” Mother smiled and said, “ This is my new and improved step daughter Rhonda.

Ginny tittered and mother spoke with a smile, “ Now Virginia, don’t tease.

Lulu looks simply ravishing today.” I should have known.