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The first time the factory would not expedite shipment of the replacement part to us. This time it burned out and the factory doesn't even have a replacement.

They told my contractor they they would build more such parts starting in January! I would NEVER buy one again or even suggest it to the person I hated the most in this world (whoever that is).

Installing heating equipment is not like buying a stove from store; it relys completly on the installing contractor to insure proper installation and operation.

Plus if you dont have a good contractor good luck having them fix your new boiler that has manditory 1 year labor warranty provided by contractor.

It's understandable that they don't work quite yet, I mean, after all, they're only in beta. It's quite large, it's made out of some sort of sturdy metal I assume, it looks nice in the basement and most importantly of all, it fulfilled all of our hopes in terms of being quite expensive. We do, however, currently have one issue with the boiler.

You must look at alot of variables such as chimney draft, is the boiler properly filled, circulator pumps, thermostats, high/low limits, stack relays, and such before you condemn the boiler itself.

My Peerless boiler in my 160 year old farm house just keeps ticking, and ticking never missing a beat, and is very economical/dependable with my application. My Peerless has blown its logic board ("Status panel") twice.

preferably the guy who put in your boiler "a month ago." any reputable installer will come right back if your boiler craps out within a month of installation. they have nothing to do with the way that the technician installed their product. I just realized, you might be a little kid, if so I take that back... and make sure that you have oil, and that the power is on to the controls. if the installer can't get it right, that means the manufacture isn't doing there job. my unit isn't even 5 years old and it leaks so much oil! if you want to purchase one, feel free to call me at 757-717 5096 ask for debra. people are switching them out, because the savings are amazing! Service departments should be contacted, and like above stated it very well could be an installation problem.

also, it's the unit that's not working right, not the installer! I don't sell them, but I can tell you where to go to get one! They will in turn contact Peerless if a warranty problem exists, or a defective part, ect..