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A post-mortem showed Mrs Lyttle died from asphyxia due to strangulation.
“They are dating and have been for about a month now.

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He’d also recently been talking on The Red Pill about how he , trp.red, and Two of these sites, and forums.red, were registered a year and a half after PK_athiest “stepped down”—and both were registered using email addresses connected to Fisher.In an interview with The Daily Beast on Monday, Fisher called any link between him and redpillschool, “categorically false,” and said he hosts the websites of “a lot of people.”“My email address is attached to a lot of websites—it doesn’t mean that I endorse the views of those websites nor am I responsible for those websites,” he said.Asher Langton, one of the security researchers consulted by The Daily Beast, said Fisher’s denial “doesn't change [his] confidence” that Fisher was the likely person behind redpillschool.

According to records provided by Far Sight Security, a cybersecurity firm, Fisher's personal email address was listed in SOA records from July 2015, when the website was first created, to April 2016 as the party responsible for the domain—the same domain that redpillschool had boasted about personally creating.

for these websites also show that Fisher’s personal, pre-anonymized email address was listed as the party responsible for these domains.

The current email address on the SOA for is also the same anonymized email address that connects to Robert Fisher’s personal sites and the other backup red pill sites.

In his comment history, redpillschool makes three specific references to a geographic location—describing a recent move to the South from “Cali.” This information seems to conflict with Fisher’s location, as he lives in New Hampshire.

The oldest , from October 2016, states, “I made the mistake of getting myself involved with a borderline [a woman who allegedly was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder] before I moved out of Cali.” Yet, a previously archived of the same comment reveals it had been selectively edited three months after its original post—and about two weeks after The Daily Beast first contacted Fisher about his alleged involvement with The Red Pill—to add the reference to California and the South. “Well, the events in my life did lead me to it,” redpillschool replied.