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I'll outline in another post how to disable the right-click menu of the browser (by default you'll get the standard IE right-click menu) as well as how to take this a step further in integrating the power of C# with dynamic HTML in your applications.
Hey – Aussie girls are just as bad – probably because of that vague habit with wishy washy blokes – but boy do not show one clearly you like her – even after holding eye contact and smiling you’ll be labeled antisocial for giving a compliment and asking a personal question – because you know we can all just drink ourselves to death to get lucky – but could not possibly accept doing such a bad dirty thing half sober (the level of sexual illiteracy being proud catholic heritage – which goes for wisdom down under, still, 15 years into the 21st century).

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This year I will accept 50 reservations @ 0 per person. The way it will work is that you can sign up for the first or second session. Both sessions – Lunch 1PM-2PM Both sessions – Band the Barn Owl chicks 2PM-3PM Session 1 departs, Session 2 Owl biology talk with at least one live owl from the Orange County Bird of Prey Center.

Pete 3/18/17 While the K-Box is showing little to no activity, I found a Black Phoebe rebuilding a nest on the old smoke house at Starr Ranch.

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Parents need to know that - Live Video Streaming App! is a tool for broadcasting live-streaming videos and watching others' videos.

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Pete 12/10/17 PM PST The new cavity cam is up and working, at least to the basement where the servers are. Nobody currently home, but they were coming and going last night. It’s pointed higher and more left than I think it needs to be.This will get resolved, but if not in the next day or two I can go up there and install a separate IR light source for the cavity cam. However, I really want to get the new higher def cams installed.In any case, if you couldn’t make it out for the banding I hope you’ll get to see as much of it as possible.If you still want to attend the banding you can do so by clicking and signing up But do so quickly, because this is going to happen less than 24hrs from now. It’s our biggest fundraiser and I’m hoping that if you’re watching these cams and like the other things we do at Starr Ranch you will consider supporting us with a pledge.I think they wound up nesting in a cavity somewhere a few hundred yards south of it.