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I think I shall search your other dramas so I can watch all. I totally love him and now i'm done watching kill me heal me, I can't move on, i don't want to end it or i want to have it a continuation or a part 2...i want to see cha do hyun and shin se gi again and again..i only have a chance i want to go to korea to see and hug ji sung oppa Happy Birthday! I understand we are all human and our weight will fluctuate which is absolutely fine but his unhealthy onscreen appearance now distracts me from his acting which is upsetting because I love watching him act. Perhaps the weight loss is not intentional but if it is, I'm hoping he will re-consider getting back to a healthier weight (ie 'Swallow the Sun' for reference). All the best with impending fatherhood and look forward to your next role. don't u knw in this drama u've gain something..i know u can fell that. I see your birthday is this month so I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and God be with you always, Continue the good works and Good Luck.... I liked all , you are a such fine actor , one of the best , so versatile , good looking , you broked me . He's really amazing actor, his facial expression and voice matches well. Some of my friend told me that "save the last dance for me" is really good drama. And now I', currently watching "new heart' medical drama.. you're such a fine and distinctive actor with a killer smile.

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This article will treat the subject under the following three heads: I. The principles according to which its morality must be judged; III. Suicide is the act of one who causes his own death, either by positively destroying his own life, as by inflicting on himself a mortal wound or injury, or by omitting to do what is necessary to escape death, as by refusing to leave a burning house.

From a moral standpoint we must treat therefore not only the prohibition of positive suicide, but also the obligation incumbent on man to preserve his life.

Thus theologians teach that one is not bound in order to preserve life to employ remedies which, considering one's condition, are regarded as extraordinary and involving extraordinary expenditure; one is not obliged to undergo a very painful surgical operation, nor a considerable amputation, nor to go into exile in order to seek a more beneficial climate, etc.

To this injustice is added a serious offence against the charity which man owes to himself, since by his act he deprives himself of the greatest good in his possession and the possibility of attaining his final end.

The question is asked: Can one who is condemned to death kill himself if ordered to do so by the judge?

Some authors answer this question in the affirmative, basing their argument on the right which society possesses to punish certain malefactors with death and to commission any executioner, hence also the malefactor himself, to carry out the sentence.

To judge whether or not there is sufficient reason for an act which will apparently be followed by death, all the circumstances must be weighed, namely, the importance of the good result, the greater or less certainty of its being attained, the greater or less danger of death, etc., all questions which may in a specific case be very difficult to solve. Negative and Direct Suicide Negative and direct suicide without the consent of God constitutes the same sin as positive suicide.

In fact man has over his life only the right of use with corresponding obligations to preserve the object of God's dominion, the substance of his life.