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Custom membershipprovider onvalidatingpassword

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My 5 points anyways for a good explained article Very good article. In the Custom Membership Provider implementation, in the case where the database does not contain the user yet, you have the following code piece: Currently the passwords will never match, as the password is created via SHA1 and compared to it's MD5 hash.

You probably intended to use the same hash algorithm on both places.

NET: the parameterless constructor does not have a User Repository and cannot create one (the User Repository requires an NHibernate session be passed to its constructor), which then means that the provider cannot access its data store. It's probably worth noting that this is an existing application that has been retrofitted with Ninject.

Previously I used parameterless constructors that were able to create their required dependencies in conjunction with the parametered constructors to assist unit testing.

Inheriting from this abstract class, developer can use his own table(-es) from any database and use any database engine other than SQL Server, like Oracle, DB2 etc.

In this article I would like to show, how to implement this class for my own User table, using Linq to SQL. As you can see, there is less fields than in the default User table from the Membership mechanism, because now I have only these fields which I need in my project: To select, delete and update data in this table, I created a several stored procedures: The T-SQL code for this table and procedures can be found at the end of this article.

The User Repository is provided by the Ninject Io C container.

Obviously, however, this doesn't work when the provider is instantiated by .

You will notice that the body for each method contains a common line of code.

I think Net Membership has an old fashion design and needs to be rebuilt.

Spring security is also old, but has a slight better approach.

I usually don't leave comments like this, but this is truly an excellent article on the subject of customizing MVC user logins.

Many articles and techniques on this subject are available on the web, but most require either a Ph.