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The Slingshot Group asked a great question in response to the study: What do we tell our daughters when they feel God calling them to become a pastor or ministry leader?

I am raising a daughter and she is encouraged at school and at home to dream big, to make whatever plans she wants for her future.

Yet a recent Barna Group study on the State of Pastors suggests this future is still far away.

They interviewed some 10,000 pastors in all 50 states and found that only 9 percent of senior pastors are female.

The president of Acts 29 is Matt Chandler, lead pastor of the Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas. One Acts 29 core value: “the equality of male and female and the principle of male servant leadership.” This works out in church life as “Complementarian.” Husband and wife complement each other in their roles.

Under the Acts 29 assertion of equality, the husband/father/male takes on ultimate leadership roles and responsibilities in both home and church.

And she had experienced some significant struggles. Cheryl and I looked at each other and knew we had to respond. Each issue contains new articles and insights on leadership training, updates on what’s been added to Building Church Leaders.com, and other practical help to build faithful and effective leaders in your church.

Now, with one bold stroke, she let us know that whatever choices we had made in life so far, she was making her own choices from here on out.

However, the flip side of that statistic reveals that 91 percent of all senior pastorates are held by men.

Jesus routinely ate with sinners, fed the hungry, touched and healed the untouchables of his day and demanded no particular beliefs.

Worse, he hung out with women and let them speak with him in public, an almost unspeakable breach of conduct for a good first century Jewish male. Yes, in the sense that they are sure they and they only have the correct interpretations of Scriptures and have the words that lead to salvation.

Sandra came to me for my thoughts on choosing the right school; her face went blank when I suggested she study at a place that supports women serving in pastoral roles.“That’s like a thing? Sandra grew up worshipping at our church, attended a college ministry and church where women were in leadership, then she returned home.

In all the places she spent time, women were considered capable and elevated leaders. What I wanted to tell Sandra was that the future of the church will eventually be like what she experienced at our church, that the limits on women in ministry were rapidly eroding, and that she should go brightly into a future where job opportunities for her were vast.