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This includes the E, S, B, M and the new X Series devices, which represent the next generation of multifunction DAQ from National Instruments.In addition, NI 660x counter/timer devices, as well as NI 653x digital devices can also be used.I got it down to 1 millisecond by removing the in the While loop.I wish there was way to change duty cycle and how long the duty cycle will last while keeping the frequency constant.Figure 1 shows three PWM signals with different duty cycles.

Below is an example of using Lab VIEW to program a counter on an M Series device to create a digital pulse train signal using NI-DAQmx.Just for interest: with the old generate pulse drain vi one could not change the duty cycle of a running counter, could one?In the new example above, I think it is confusing that a write is used to change the properties of a running task.Each step of the program, indicated by a number at the bottom of the figure, is described below.To create a PWM application from the simple pulse train output program, we need to have the ability to change the duty cycle dynamically.Now that I am using the new version of Lab VIEW is it worth it to me to convert old VI's that have pwm in them to this approach or should I just punt and install DAQ legacy?