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The company responded to me on the same day, but this time it gave me the name of the shipping company, a tracking number and a website address.

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We’ve found the most unromantic spots to fall in love with the human condition in all its everyday glory.You won't find self-help instruction at the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb.But in real life, slurping a noodle might not be so romantic!

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One, An Ex Axe, tells the story of a jilted lover who spent his passion breaking up his ex's belongings while she cavorted with her new lover. Now through March 2, you can donate your love-life detritus to the traveling exhibit showing at the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam.

They perk right up at the more than 215 different mammal penises and penile parts on display. And yes, the museum has received four specimens legally donated by Homo sapiens.

The collection includes big ones, tiny ones, pointed ones, and even ones that look like little wrinkled balloons. Run by a second-generation phallologist, the museum gets excited about unwrapping new ones.

For real virtual nerds, Konami's next version of Love Plus won't be ready for Valentine's Day; it's due to be released in late March. To heck with romance, this place knows what guys and gals really think about.

Museumgoers in Reykjavik aren't flaccid about the Icelandic Phallological Museum.