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I do own a pair of good fitting black leather trousers that look great with stiletto boots .. In my opinion the only fella who ever got away with leather trousers was Jim Morrison Nice fitted little leather jacket, nice fitted leather gloves, leather shoes, leather handbags. Leather jeans sometimes, but the style has to be just right, and so does eveything else from the bloke doing the wearing to the place their wearing them and the girl their with too.
Henny’s great dream was to enclose the courtyard so guests could sit there even in the winter.

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I was turned on a lot but I still wanted this lifeless thing out of me.

He laughed and switched it off, he came over to me and unstrapped my arms and hands and before I could reach back and pull the dildo out he hand cuffed me.

But the idea turned me on more then anything else so clicked reply. So we agreed to meet that Friday which was 4 days away (which killed me) and he strictly told me "NO jerking OFF OR CUMMING! Then the night before he sent me a text with his address then said "don't bring extra cloths." So I woke up around and headed over. It was really big, two stories, and kinda off the road but still in a populated and great neighborhood.

I knocked on the door and he opened it wearing a t-shirt and jeans and socks.

Each wall was mirrored and he pointed to a door in the room and said that was his supply room.

When we were all done he asked if I wanted to use the rest room and I nodded no and he took me to the room with the bench.

He then un cuffed my hands behind my back and forcefully strapped them on each side of me, I looked up at my body as he strapped my chest and lower waist down and noticed hanging over my pulsing dick was the milker. He finished me off by strapping my thighs down which spread my legs a bit and made me notice that my ass hole was sore., He then began to lube my dick up, when he got done soaking my dick he looked at me and asked "have you ever jerked off after you have already came? He began to jerk me off I could last more then 20 sec before wanting to cum and he stopped I threw my head into my pillow in anger and he waited a few sec and then started again, and again I wanted to cum and he stopped.

He showed me around and then took me to the kitchen as the last stop. "Don't worry you'll get all of it back when we are done." He assured me. About the size of a small bed room, it had four shower heads 2 on each side and above each side was a long bar from wall to wall. Then right next door was a restroom with two toilets right next to eachother, no stalls. The next room just had a half sized bed with four metal posts one each corner.

When he opened it the room was really big, bigger then my living room. He looked at me and laughed and said, "what's wrong? And the last room was a great big room, bigger then the first.

It had a few chairs and beds and a lot of different places to be tied up.

He stated to finger me just enough times to get me nice and loose and then he ripped the sheet off the machine, I tried to turn to see what it was but I couldn't. Then I heard a click and felt something poking my ass hole, not going in just teasing it. He then rubbed my back for a few seconds and said he was gunna get every thing ready, and before I could even try to say something he was gone with door shut behind him.

It drove me wiled I stated to moan cause I kinda wanted it to go in more he the let it go just far enough to poke in and out of me ass, he did this for a while till it was all the way in. The fucking of the machine was starting to get more annoying, hurting but not enough for me to freak out.