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At the turn of the century, 60 percent of the Viennese population and a staggering 80 percent of Prague's population were thus considered "strangers." Not unlike modern aliens legislation, migration policies in the Habsburg monarchy were more important in terms of their effects on migrants' status than in regulating entry and residence in a given residential area.

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As we become more active in our old age, more than 60 per cent of 70-year-olds now hold a licence. So is this growing generation of older drivers the hazard we think they are?

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Currently, drivers must renew their licence just before their 70th birthday if they intend to stay behind the wheel.But tragedies such as Neil Colquhoun’s death always ignite debate over whether this is enough — as do the more minor but frightening incidents that occur so often on our roads.Just the other day, I was walking my dog when an elderly lady reversed into me.The Plymouth District Attorney said a relative of Podgurski called police on Friday saying men had tried to rob Podgurski and Shaw at their apartment and murdered Shaw.Police said they found Shaw's body in a closet under clothing and kitty litter.Shaw was stabbed multiple times and had been dead a significant period of time.