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If the woman you are dating has daddy issues, chances are she will send sexual signs that are impossible to mistake.

If you’re up for a one-night stand, then by all means, enjoy the ride.

Make plans for a future date instead of looking for the nearest motel.

Treat her with love and respect and she won’t feel the need to hold on to a man the only way she knows – by hooking up.

People commonly say a woman has daddy issues when she appears to be seeking attention from men in order to compensate for the attention she may not have received from her father when she was growing up.

As adults such women often turn out to be insecure, hungry for attention and even sexually promiscuous.

Sexual aggressiveness Yet another trait sometimes associated with women having daddy issues is sexual aggressiveness.

Having been abandoned by her father in childhood or suffered from his neglect, she does not find herself worthy of being loved by any other man – after all if her own daddy could not love her, why should any other guy.But if you are genuinely interested in this girl, it is better that you take things slow.If her come-hither signals are overly aggressive, let her know that while you find her attractive you would like to get to know her better first.A streak of exhibitionism Even if your date is not grinding you up against the wall, a girl with daddy issues may have a tendency to exhibitionism.This is an extreme form of the desire of male attention which can be traced back to her being abandoned by her father in childhood.If you are uncomfortable with her exhibitionist gestures but would like to know her better you can suggest that she tone down things a notch.