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As we move forward, all of us at AOL (now Oath) are excited to continue building the next generation of iconic brands and life-changing products for users around the world. This was like between the year 2000 up till 2011 at least. Every once in a while, i do log on to AIM just to see if there’s anybody still on there. Just logged on a couple minutes ago and it’s just one dude on (Hey there Chris Tilton! I still rock my “whore” buddy icon (a picture of Suzi with a lollipop? 14/12/03 AM Bunnykisses713: hey Auto response from psykotik2k: who are you and why am i on your buddy list? My memory is a bit hazy but this was probably around after i left TJNR and brought back what was left of the backup of the forum i had at the time. Those stupidly fappable skin flicks (thank you Embrace of the Vampire). Thinking about first celebrity crushes brought back memories of this so i decided to see if there were any high res images of it on the googles. So i was watching this retrospective video on the old Flash TV series from 1990 (on this pretty awesome Youtube channel, give that dude a sub a binge watch on nostalgia like i’ve been doing) and i notice in one of the clips from one of the Trickster episodes; this chick (that played Trickster’s sidekick, Prank) that i remember totally having a crush on in the 80’s and early 90’s and i’m like WOAH it’s her, what’s her name, i gotta know her name. Clicked on the image and BAM, her name is in the picture caption.

Since then, more and more people just stopped using AIM. Bunnykisses713: im rachel and cause u r avril lavighne 14/12/03 AM Valid8tedprking: hey avril, whats up? A lot happened on AIM, lots of friendships and relationships. It was never meant to be as big as it was before (TJNR has split off and become it’s own thing), and really, the only reason i brought back what i had left of the forum was because; for a period of time, this website was using the IPB forum to show all the front page posts (2004 – 2005). And more importantly, has she ever done any nude scenes.

It’s called Emily is Away (and there’s also a sequel, Emily is Away Too). The other forum that eventually came to be, which never reached the heights of the old TJNR forums back when i used to run it, is still around. Anyhow, the both forums are all fixed, updated and fully functional. If anything, it’s a trip just going back and seeing posts from internet people from 10 years ago. Long story short, i finally got my request to reset my passwords all done today and i now have access to my own website again.

You can download the first game for free (steam link here) but the second one you have to pay for (totally worth it though IMO). It’s been so long since i’ve actually seen the files that i have hosted on the server, i nostalgia-ed HARD. It’s like stepping into a time portal to the mid 2000’s.

But in all honesty, I don't remember fishing many days like these, at least not in the last five years.. Throwing a mid depth crankbait or a big spinnerbait in about eight feet of water has been a very productive method of putting fish in the boat as of late.

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My Sun, My Sun, Please make me aware, That your balmy presence still exists in my life.. Well he has had a couple more and so has John Adami. From what I hear, the fish are concentrated in some areas, and scattered out in the rest. Good numbers of four to eight pound fish being caught.. And I apologize for no name and weight on this beastie.. Water temps have rebounded a bit to the middle sixties the last two days and under the Veleno bridge it was 65° yesterday . There are very few people in town currently, and I have not spoken to many fishermen.

The wind was a factor last Saturday, and from what I heard, the Quality Bass Club leader only had either fourteen or seventeen pounds after fishing day one.. Not the drinking one) at the course, he was having a banner day on the water. And I am feeling like I am going to bust a big ole bitch any day.. The big hardwoods are still holding some fish, but not as good as they were the week before.. This is south Texas and this shit won't last long.. I couldn't move her at all at first and I knew I had a good one on and hollered for the net.

And for some, a few fantastic days have been experienced.. And while I was testing my elbow (The golfing one.. I caught a couple of fives and a few three to four pound fish, but more importantly than that, I caught a bad case of anticipation.. And when I set the hook this time I knowed it wadn't no two pounder.. Can you imagine how many eggs that thing might hold? It is getting Summer time around here so keep that in mind if you decide to venture down. If you want to go crappie fishing, give me a call and I'll hook you up with a guide that will put you on em..

Anyhow, there’s this one page i had made back in the day where i put up testimonials about the site from the readers at the time and how they came to find out about the site and why they stuck around as regular visitors and damn, looking back at what people were saying; this was a pretty awesome site.

At the very least, i’m glad people were entertained by it. It’s probably been just as long for you as it’s been for me since we last actually saw this page.