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The dialogue doesn’t change much, but pronouns referring to yourself and the girls’ sexual orientation do shift accordingly. Giving them gifts will unlock new hairstyles, which you can set as default.The same goes for outfits, though those are unlocked by completing dates successfully. Assign either their hairstyles or outfits to Random and they’ll change each time.

Match three or more alike tokens and you earn Affection.It’s more that’s it’s not for those that dislike stereotype satire, in addition to those that don’t find nudity and sexuality entertaining.If you don’t like nudity, sex, or over-the-top caricature, this game is not for you.The game also features a Difficulty setting (Easy, Normal, Hard) and the ability to turn off the girls’ voices, if the silent type is your thing.I’ve found it difficult to articulate just what it is that I love about this game. My feminist senses told me I should hate this game, that I should be offended and find it objectifying.Others tokens on the board are Joy (which earn you more moves), Passion (which acts as a multiply as you gain more levels), Sentiment (which gives you the ability to use gift items to turn the tides of war the date) and Broken Hearts (which give a massive drain in Affection when matched, so watch out for those! Winning a date rewards you with “munie” ($$$)–which makes me feel a little like a gigolo/escort when I think about it too much, but thankfully I don’t.